BBA Shipping and Logistics Course in Coimbatore

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three year intensive course which is designed for preparing the students in meeting the requirements of an organizations in the field of shipping and logistics. The eligibility for this course will be students who have successfully completed 10,+2  are eligible to join the course.

1-a) In the first year the course is designed completely focusing on the foundation level. It creates a strong foundation on the structure of business and organization, concentrating about the basic of accounting and much more.

1-b) In the second year it the course mainly trains about the fundamentals of logistics, a complete study about taxation, the most importantly about the shipping, warehousing and many more.

1-c) In the final year the course is designed in such a way that it completely sources. The students with the integrated the port management, teaching about custom producers and principles of dry cargo  chattering and tasty all the students will undergo an internship in the shipping and logistics companies.

Adding credit to the course our institution motivates students in which they will be able to talk with confidence and train them to apply their knowledge in their area of exertive.

By through these services of pattern the students confidently will be able to gain employment at various levels in the area of shipping and logistics or entrepreneurship. Apart from these programming our institution strongly encourages and train the students in the area of communication. By this they will be able to communicate confidently and engage their knowledge in their area of expertise. After completion of the course the students have many options in choosing their carrier like export manager, import manager, inventory officer, warehouse manager, freight forwarders and many more.

The course is rooted in the efficiency of management skills and principles to ensure the growth of a fast emerging industry. The growth of the tertiary sectors ensure that the services offered are enhanced which leads to the increase in the requirements of logistics.

Course Highlights

Career opportunities internationally in shipping and logistics         

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The course covers a wide range of topics related to shipping and logistics, including supply chain management, transportation management, international trade, logistics operations and management, port and terminal management, maritime law and insurance, inventory management and control, and strategic management.


Supply chain management

 This topic covers the management of the entire supply chain, from raw material sourcing to customer delivery. Students learn about the various stages of the supply chain as well as the tools and techniques used to effectively manage them.


Transportation management

This topic discusses the various modes of transportation used in the shipping and logistics industry, such as air, sea, and land transportation. Students learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each mode of transportation, as well as the factors that influence their choice.


International trade

This topic discusses the rules and procedures that govern international trade, such as customs, tariffs, and import/export regulations. Students learn about the various types of trade agreements and how they impact global trade.


Logistics operations and management

The day-to-day operations of logistics are covered in this topic, which includes warehouse management, inventory control, and distribution. Students learn about the various tools and techniques used to effectively manage logistics operations.


Port and terminal management

This topic covers port and terminal management, including cargo loading and unloading, storage and handling of goods, and customs clearance. Students learn about the various types of ports and terminals, as well as the challenges that come with managing them.


Maritime law and insurance

This topic discusses the shipping industry’s legal and regulatory framework, including maritime law, insurance, and liability. Students learn about the various types of insurance available and their significance in the shipping industry.


Inventory management and control

This topic discusses inventory management and control, including forecasting, replenishment, and safety stock. Students learn about the various techniques used to effectively manage inventory.


Strategic management

This topic focuses on strategic management in the shipping and logistics industry, including the development and implementation of strategies to achieve organisational objectives. Students learn about strategic management tools and techniques such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and strategic planning.

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